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Our Global Impact

PSS operates with a global perspective, fostering sustainable agricultural practices across diverse regions.

We have active partnerships in Kenya, Uganda, Sierra Leone, Mali, Nigeria, Liberia and Niger, about 10 African countries.

Leveraging our extensive network of strategic partnerships and collaborations, we strive to drive significant advancements in agricultural technology and renewable energy integration.

Our commitment to excellence and innovation remains the driving force behind our efforts to empower local communities, smallholder farmers, and agricultural projects worldwide.

Productive Solar Solutions (PSS) stands at the forefront of

Problems to be addressed and PSS Solutions

In East Africa, particularly in the underserved regions of Kenya, access to reliable energy sources remains a pressing concern. Many communities are either entirely off-grid or experience frequent disruptions in their power supply. This lack of dependable energy hampers economic activities, hinders development, and burdens households substantially.

The PSSK Solution: PSSK is expanding its reach in delivering solar-powered systems for households and businesses. By harnessing the productive power of the sun, a reliable and abundant resource, communities can enjoy a consistent energy supply, reducing their dependence on erratic grid power or non-existent infrastructure.

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With a robust focus on innovative solutions and renewable

The PSS Solutions

The nexus of technology and business forms the crux of PSSK's operations. At the heart of this synergy lies the intention to transform lives through sustainable energy solutions.

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